Sunday, November 13, 2011

Post-Conference Reflections: APHA’s 139th Annual Meeting

From the perspective of one, it seems the field of public health is moving forward in the right direction. The rich diversity of both participants and topics present at APHA’s 139th Annual Meeting in Washington, DC provides a sense of where we are and what we need to move forward. Having a diversified research strategy with long-term perspectives in focus will allow us to address many of the struggles facing our nation and the global community.

The setting was one that has inspired millions throughout the history of this nation. Walking through DC’s museums, around the national monuments and the many inspirational memorials provided a glimpse into the past and the struggles/sacrifices that have helped shape this nation. Looking forward, we understand the path may not be easy, but with a thoughtful, culturally appropriate and evidence-driven research agenda, we can make great strides to improving the health of the nation.

The SCRHRC & USC were well represented, as both students and faculty presented research that covered a range of topics. Some examples include health information technology, home health care, HIV, immunizations, cancer screening and access to care with a focus on the health of women, children, rural adults, Native Americans and Alaska Natives. These are but a few examples of the diverse research being carried out within the SCRHRC & USC.