Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Post Conference Reflections: NRHA’s Annual Meeting

The most recent annual meeting of the National Rural Health Association was a benefit to those in attendance. The speakers and content allowed for a wider perspective of current issues and goals for those working in the field of rural health.

The South Carolina Rural Health Research Center was represented by two current Research Associates (Kristin Schuller, MHA & Samuel Towne, MPH, CPH) and an Assistant Professor (Kevin J. Bennett, PhD). All provided presentations and/or poster presentations on topics related to rural health.

The atmosphere in and around the conference was one of beauty. The Rocky Mountains provided scenic views tempting one to venture into the mountains for a hike. The cityscape included unique artwork and architecture including a wide variety of local breweries, which allowed for an educational perspective of the manufacturing process. The city of Denver certainly provided a meaningful experience to those attending.