Saturday, December 8, 2012

NRHA Multiracial and Multicultural Health Conference

Since the NRHA Multiracial and Multicultural Health Conference was held in nearby North Carolina, the SCRHRC sent a significant delegation:  faculty members Saundra Glover, Amy Martin, Kevin Bennett, Jessica Bellinger and Jan Probst, along with student John Stewart.  We presented on a range of topic relevant to rural multiracial and multicultural populations, including HIV and ESRD service availability, cervical cancer interventions, oral health practice issues, and distance to trauma care.

Lots of good networking with rural practitioners from all over.  Most impressive was the contingent, including two allied health students, who flew down from Barrow, Alaska.  [The visiting professor from Norway was interesting as well, but since she was already in the US visiting family....]  For those of us who stayed to the end, Don Warne's presentation on American Indian health was inspiring.