Monday, May 18, 2009

Rural Health in Miami?

   The SCRHRC was at the annual NRHA meeting in glamourous, non-rural Miami, among narcolords (presumably) and TV stars (confirmed sightings).   Lots of hard work, with presentations by several SC RHRC staffers  In the photos , Jessica presenting on part of her dissertation research, along with Kevin and Graham Adams (RUN chair) discussing some innovative EHR network activity in South Carolina.
   SCRHRC alumni were present, as well, including former Director and current Expert Work Group member Mike Samuels, and former staffer Andy Johnson.

   Not all was hard work, though.  Note Jessica illustrating the absolute hell that constitutes being a postdoc for Jan & Amy, while Dr. Martin experiments with buoyancy devices in one of the Fountainbleu pools.    

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