Monday, May 18, 2009

SCORH at Hilton Head

The SCRHRC sent Jessica & Jan to the annual meeting of the South Carolina Office of Rural Health. Jessica presented part of her dissertation work, looking into perceived racism and distrust of the healthcare system. Amy could not attend, but was represented by posters created by students in her rural health course.  
   As would be anticipated given the times, many of the s
essions (and most of the plena
ries) dealt with financial issues, such as stimulus money flows and the outlook for South Carolina Medicaid.  But there were lighter moments, including a barbeque dinner at Honey Horn plantation.  The photo at right shows a bottle tree, a tradition brought over from Africa.  The light shining through the bottles attracts evil spirits, who are then captured in the bottle.  The picture of gnarled trees draped with Spanish moss has no historical significance; it's just pretty.  Ditto the picture of Carolina coastal marsh at sunset.

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